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Rest in Power Harold Robinson- Murdered by Utah police in April 2019. Harold struggled his entire life with mental health issues. He was shot 250 times by police. The police also shot up a local shop which forced them to close. The police still have not made restitution regarding this. There were people in the shop at the time when police shot into it. The police refuse to speak about this. They hope that it will go away. We will not forget the brutal murder of Harold Robinson. Rest in Power.

Do not abbreviate the words Black Lives Matter. The entire point of this movement is to have people hear those words, say those words, and understand those words. We are not "BLM" we are Black Lives Matter. Say the words. Say their names.

Rest In Power Cindreia Europe- Murdered by Utah Police in 2019 

On March 5th 2019, Officer Megan Franklin ran over Cindreia and killed her. Officer Franklin had a horrible driving record 


We attempt to create inclusive spaces for every marginalized group.


Rest in Power - Diamonte Riviore - Murdered by Utah Police in 2018

In October of 2018 police were called to Diamonte's apartment in response to a domestic disturbance. The police knocked on the door, three officers rushed into his apartment screaming and yelling. Diamonte was in his bathroom. The police punded on the door and demanded that he come out. When Diamonte opened the door, the officers shot him with a taser. Diamonte closed the door, and that is when the police began shooting him. Then the police took Diamonte's girlfriend and baby and put them in the back of a police car for 4 hours. The child's mother begged the police for diapers and milk and was ignored. She had to beg them to get a car seat from the house. When she was allowed to return to the apartment days later she found that the police had poured garbage all over the house. The living room was filled with needles and blood. The police officers confiscated the bathroom door. We believe that they took the door because the police shot through the door proving that they murdered him. The District Attorney released the footage more than 6 months after the shooting after we threatened to protest

Rest In Power Bobby Duckworth- Murdered by Utah police September 2019

Bobby's girlfriend called the police because she was worried that Bobby was suicidal. Wellington Police showed up and shot him 6 times. When we call the police for help, we should be able to get help and not be murdered. Bobby has a family that misses him very much. Rest in Power Bobby.

This chapter is an independent chapter of Black Lives Matter. We are not a part of the global Network of Black Lives Matter. 


Rest In Peace Zane James 

Cottonwood Heights Police targeted Zane for months before they murdered him. They harassed his family, and they also harassed him. 

"Complaint documents stated that Cottonwood Heights Officer Casey Davies pulled up as Zane was fleeing, opened his car door, and shot Zane in the back, seriously injuring him. Davies fired four shots, two of which struck Zane. “At the time of the shooting by Defendant Casey Davies, he was running away and was non-threatening (it later said he had no weapon in his hand). One bullet apparently severed Zane’s spinal cord at C-6. This injury led to his death three days later. The shooting violated Zane’s rights under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I, 14 of the Utah Constitution,” as stated in the complaint."-

Rest In Power - Patrick Harmon-Murdered by Utah police in 2017

On August 13, 2017. Officer Kris Smith pulled Patrick over while he was riding his bike for no reason. Patrick had a warrant out for his arrest, and Patrick attempted to run away. At that point 3 officers opened fire upon Patrick. One officer used a taser. The other two officers used guns. Patrick was a danger to no one. If he had a warrant then he deserved to make it to court. This was a giant miscarriage of justice. 

According to KSL News- A report was released- "The report, in which she’s referred to as Megan Clark, shows a history of vehicle-related issues. According to the document:

April 2010: Franklin struck a rock in the roadway as she made a U-turn;
July 2010: Franklin struck another vehicle on the roadway while making a U-turn;
August 2013: Franklin hit a construction barrel, which caused damage to the police vehicle;
November 2014: Franklin backed into a light pole;
December 2014: Franklin hit a concrete curb;
May 2017: Franklin was involved in a single-vehicle crash.

The May 2017 incident was determined to be her fault and avoidable"

We never said that our lives matter more or the most. We simply said that our lives matter because they do. 

Killed By Utah Police - In Memoriam 

Rest In Peace - Dillon Taylor- Murdered by Utah Police in 2014

Yes Black Lives Matter fights for white police brutality victims. We just understand that a higher percentage of black people are killed by police. But yes we fight for ALL police brutality victims. 

Dillon Taylor was minding his own business and buying some items from a 7-11. Someone called 911 and lied and said that he had a weapon. A police officer named Bron Cruz showed up and began yelling at Dillon as he was walking out of the 711. Dillon did not see the officer and was not facing the officer. Dillon had headphones in his ears and could not hear anything the officer was saying. When he heard the officer Dillon turned around and when commanded he put his hands in the air. As soon as Dillon followed the commands of the officer. Officer Cruz unloaded his gun into Dillon and killed him. While Dillon was dead on the ground. Officer Cruz handcuffed Dillon and went through his pockets in attempt to find drugs or a weapon or anything to justify this murder. He found nothing. Then the District Attorney Justified this murder. 


Rest in Peace- James Barker - Murdered by Utah Police in 2015

In January 2015 James Barker was shoveling people's driveways for money. Someone called the police on James and said he was looking into windows of cars. Please note that there is no proof of this and even if there was proof of this, that act is not illegal. 

An officer approached James and began barking orders at him and screaming at him. James already had a traumatic brain injury. The officer used no de-escalation tactics, the officer continued to move closer to James. James took a shovel and hit the officer with it. The officer then shot and killed James. This incident could have been prevented if the officer would have used de-escalation tactics and if mental health counselors were called to the scene. Instead the officer lied about his injuries. The officer was not injured by the shovel. The officer is still working the streets and is probably escalating situations that could be easily defused and not made worse by poor policing. 


If you are a white person who is offended by our chapter and would like to file a complaint against this chapter. Please call our regulatory commission at (1-844-998-3327)

Rest In Power - Darrien Hunt -Murdered by Utah Police in 2014 

On the morning of September 10, 2014 ,police officers from the Saratoga Springs Police Department responded to a a call from a racist person who called them to tell them that Darrien was suspicious. Racist people often call the police on black people when those black people are simply minding their own business. Darrien was cosplaying Afro-Samurai and had a fake sword. It should be noted that Utah is an open carry state and it is against the law to stop anyone simply for carrying a weapon. 

The police approached Darrien, the police scared Darrien. For some reason Darrien ran away. It should be noted that no one's life was ever in danger. The police shot Darrien several times in his back. This was a clear cut case of murder. The police then investigated themselves and found themselves innocent. 

The official state autopsy documents six gunshot wounds on the body of 22-year-old Darrien Hunt and finds at least four of the shots entered his body from behind, generally confirming the results of an independent autopsy released by his family. It found no drugs in his system. 


We have achieved results that are long lasting. 

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Rest In Power- Cody Belgard - Murdered by Utah Police November 2018

Salt Lake Police were called to the scene and claimed that Cody hit and run one of their vehicles. When they finally caught up to them they began shouting orders at him with no attempt to de-escalate the situation. One officer yelled "He has a gun" and then multiple officers fired upon Cody and killed him. No gun was ever found. This is a massive miscarriage of justice. 


We push for police reforms such as officer de-escalation training, diversity training, and implicit bias training. We also want community controlled civilian review boards.


We fight divisions within our own race.

Our chapter has a beautiful structure, and our work is receiving national attention. 


Rest In Power- Elijah Smith - Murdered by Utah Police in 2018 

On April 2nd 2018 police were searching the city for a black man. They did not have a good description of this person. They were looking for someone who allegedly stole a cell phone. Elijah Smith felt like the police were chasing him for some reason. He entered someone's house without permission. He then asked the homeowners for a glass of water. The homeowners said that he looked scared and that he did not hurt or threaten them. 

When police came to the house, Elijah hid in the garage. In body cam footage we can see a police officer actually jump when he saw a cat go by. These police were afraid of their own shadows. The police entered the garage where Elijah was hiding and screamed at him while pointing guns at him. These officers did not try any de-escalation tactics. These police did not try to calm the situation. These police scared him even more than he was before and then after they repeatedly told him to raise his hands, Elijah rose his hands and the moment he rose his hands they all began shooting at him. Why did they tell him to put his hands in the air if they were just going to shoot him anyway? He did not have a gun and was at least ten feet away from the officers, but it was very clear that the officers were cowards who should not be allowed to carry lethal weapons. The police investigated themselves and found themselves innocent. 

Rest in Power Bernardo Palacios Carbajal 

Salt Lake Police murdered him while he was running away. Utah. Officers fired 34 shots at Palacios-Carbajal, striking him 13 - 15 times, after chasing him while he ran away. His fingers were missing and mutilated and no answers have still been given about why. There is no excuse for officers shooting someone who is running away. We want to also remind people who would say "He had a weapon" that black and brown people have the constitutional right to bear arms. Owning a gun does not give police permission to murder us.