White Ally Handbook: Allyship is a Verb

Welcome to Black Lives Matter. This handbook aims to provide you with insights on how to enhance your role as an ally.

Step 1: Define Your Goals

Establish both short-term and long-term objectives for the coming year and your lifetime. For Example: “I will change DEI policies at my workplace, I will change the world” 

Determine what you're willing to sacrifice to achieve these goals.

Set a consistent amount of time you can dedicate to civil rights work. One day a week? One week a month? Choose an amount of time you are willing to dedicate to the movement and stick with it. 

Align with a specific committee within Black Lives Matter, attend meetings, and offer support.

Challenging White Feminism

Acknowledge that Black women face both racism and sexism. White women only experience Sexism. Black women are more marginalized.

White women have always been active in the oppression of Black people White women should not weaponize their tears against Black and Brown people.

White women should not be the aggressor and then play the victim.

Reject stereotypes and behaviors perpetuating harmful narratives.

Empowerment Through Voting

Respect the autonomy of Black individuals in their voting choices.


Focus on supporting candidates committed to equity and justice.

Vote for candidates who have a proven track record of helping the black community.

How to be an ally

Non-Violence and Sensible Engagement

Prioritize non-violence during protests and advocacy efforts.

Refrain from independently organizing events without Black activists' involvement and consent.

Do not incite violence at protests. Do not destroy property at protests.

Do not engage with counter protesters, you are endangering Black lives

Mindful Behavior

Engage solely for the purpose of supporting the movement, not for personal gains.

Focus on dismantling white supremacy and promoting equity.

Do not hold a fundraiser without expressed written permission of Black Lives Matter Do not accept money on behalf of Black Lives Matter Do not sell anything related to Black Lives Matter. Do not profit off of the movement.

Embracing Discomfort and Privilege

Reflect on instances of white fragility and discomfort.

Utilize your white privilege to advocate for change and challenge systemic racism.

This is not Tinder

Do not slide into the Dms of members of the chapter. We are here to dismantle white supremacy, not Netflix and chill

Time to get to Work

Register as an election official or election judge to ensure the accurate counting of votes on election day.

Engage in conversations with local and national elected officials to understand their efforts in supporting police reform, diversity and inclusion policies in schools, and equity in the workplace.

Participate actively in registering people to vote, ensuring everyone's voices are heard.

Contribute by circulating petitions that call for necessary police reform.

Demonstrate your commitment by supporting and buying from Black-owned businesses.

Attend Juneteenth celebrations and the African Festival to honor and commemorate Black history and culture.

Offer assistance to the initiatives of the Black Student Union (BSU) at local colleges and universities.

Make a positive impact by donating school supplies to Black and Brown schools, promoting educational equity.

Extend your support by donating school supplies, socks, and coats to your local Boys and Girls Club.

Advocate for diversity and equity in education by attending school board meetings and sharing your perspective.

Influence change by attending city council meetings and advocating for police reform.

Contribute to planning and implementing summer camp programs that benefit the community.

Make a meaningful impact by supporting initiatives aimed at assisting the homeless.

Volunteer your time and expertise by offering free tutoring services to those in need.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can make a substantial contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement. Your commitment as an ally should consistently reflect respect, active listening, and meaningful action. Through your dedication, you can help dismantle structures of white supremacy, foster justice, and promote equity.

Created by Lex Scott

Respectful Engagement

Respect the leadership of Black activists at protests.

Refrain from attempting to lead or speak for Black individuals.

Prioritize listening and providing support.

Promoting Unity, Not Division

Avoid involving yourself in disputes among Black organizations or activists.

Foster unity by supporting all allies and avoiding unnecessary competition.

Do not get involved in Black beefs.

Do not pit Black people against each other.

Do not enter Black people into a competition that they never agreed upon. 

Cultural Sensitivity

Refrain from appropriating Black culture or using it as a fashion statement.

Show consideration when using symbols or imagery associated with Black Lives Matter.

Do not sell Black Lives Matter merchandise.

Do not fundraise for Black Lives Matter without expressed written permission Do not EVER use the name or likeness of a police brutality victim, without the permission of their family members.

No White Saviors Allowed 

Avoiding White Savior Complex

Understand that the Black Lives Matter movement requires allies, not saviors.

Amplify Black voices without overshadowing or assuming leadership roles.

Actively support the dismantling of oppressive systems.

Do not center yourself

Take ownership of your mistakes. 

Step 2: Embrace Mistakes

Recognize that errors are inevitable in your activism journey.

Apply the "Three As" method: Acknowledge, Apologize, and Make Amends. 

Guidelines for Effective Allyship in the Context of Black Lives Matter

Dismantling White Supremacy

Advocate for change within your workplace by challenging policies perpetuating racial disparities.

Ensure equitable compensation and fair hiring practices for Black and Brown individuals.

Address racist policies within religious communities and family gatherings.

Your active intervention can drive transformative change in these settings.

Recognize your white privilege 

Understand that you possess white privilege.
Acknowledge the advantages it affords you over Black and Brown individuals.

Illustrative Examples:

Enjoy the privilege of watching movies with an all-white cast without hesitation. Black and Brown people do not have that privilege.
Experience the luxury of finding hair products catering to your hair type in hotels. Black and Brown people do not have that privilege.
Benefit from comprehensive education on European history while African American History is either not offered, or offered as an elective.
Live without the fear of racial profiling or deadly encounters with the police.

You have the white privilege of not being denied housing and jobs because of the color of your skin. Black and Brown people do not have that privilege.

Systemic Bias and Privilege:

Grasp that your privilege extends to housing and job opportunities.

Understand that this is just a glimpse of the various privileges tied to your whiteness.

Responsibility to Combat White Supremacy:

Utilize your white privilege as a tool to challenge and dismantle white supremacy.
Actively work to break down oppressive systems and foster equity and justice.