What is Black Lives Matter Utah Doing To Affect Police Reform? 

  • We have been meeting with police for three years along with the CAG (Community Activist Group) due to these meetings we have implemented stronger data collection, de-escalation trainings, diversity trainings, implementation of less than lethal weapons and more. We have a long way to go but we have been working 
  • We are currently meeting with legislators regarding police reform bills. Almost everything that we have asked for has a bill currently at that State Capitol in 2021. You can see the list of bills here. https://le.utah.gov/asp/billsintro/SubResults.asp?Listbox4=02205
  • We are attending meetings with legislators and the Department of Public Safety
  • We are protesting unjust practices in policing and in prosecution 
  • We are holding educational panels with businesses, non-profits, and community members to educate them on police reform. 
  • We are also meeting with a new business which we believe will save thousands of lives by eliminating the need to call the police. We have been updating members in our daily newsletter. 

What Can You Do To Affect Police Reform?


  • Call your local and national elected representatives
  • Email your local and national elected representatives
  • Attend CAG meetings. Once you fill out the form to join the chapter you will be sent all updates regarding these meetings
  • Join us up at the Capitol in January-March for the general session. 
  • Register to vote and then vote 
  • Help register others to vote
  • Attend protests that we hold 
  • Attend meetings that we hold. 

Do you support our Police Reform Platform? Please sign this form. https://forms.gle/1Y7DkkUuRjoy4F9g7

What does Black Lives Matter Utah Want? 

  • Qualified Immunity Reform
  • Data Collection - We want to know the race/ethnicity of every person who is pulled over/stopped by Utah police, we want to know the race/ethnicity of in-custody deaths in jails and prisons, we want data collection on use of force and excessive force
  • We want Independent Civilian Review Boards that have the power to subpoena police, investigate, police, fire police, and bring charges against police. Police should not be allowed to investigate their own crimes and find themselves innocent
  • We want de-escalation training for every police officer 
  • We want implicit bias, and diversity training for every police officer 
  • We want a database of police misconduct that is accessible to the public 
  • We want all body cam footage released within 10 days of every officer-involved shooting, or excessive force incident. 
  • We want officers fired who turn off their body cams before or during excessive force incidents
  • We want police officers tested for implicit biases before they are hired 
  • We want all funding for militarized police gear re-allocated to social programs 
  • We want the media to stop dehumanizing police brutality victims after they are dead
  • We want the names of officers released immediately after all officer-involved shooting incidents
  • We want mental health counselors sent to mental health calls. 
  • We want 911 Dispatch reform that makes it harder for racists to call 911 on black and brown people just for existing in black skin. 
  • We want every single patrol car to have less than lethal rubber bullet guns. 
  • We want the education requirement heightened for police officers 
  • We want grand juries to indict officers, and want all power to do this taken out of the hands of the District Attorney
  • We want a ban on choke holds and carotid holds. 
  • We want a ban on no knock warrants 
  • We want DHS dismantled and disbanded 
  • We want laws in place that prevent police officers from being re-hired after being fired from another police agency.