1. Circulate our petition for police reform. Click here

Here is a list of elected officials and/or candidates who have completed our form as of 06/15/2020 (some are from the previous election years)

Leo Rodgers
Stan Penfold
Michael Iverson
Ana Valdemoros
David Garbett
Andrew Johnston
Luz Escamilla
Angel Vice
David Ibarra
Moroni Benally
Jim Dabakis
Russ Fugal
Daniel Beckstrand
Brian Fabbi
Greg Duerden
Kera Birkeland
Jamie Cheek
Dan McClellan
Darren Parry
Robert Burch
Katherine Nicholson
Nils Bergeson
Joseph Speciale
France Barral
Ashlee Matthews
Greg Skordas
Aaron Starks
Rebecca Sullivan
Grant Protzman

3. Call your elected officials. Actually call them and tell that you want real and lasting police reform.

6. Attend our CAG meetings with police regarding police reform. We hold them twice a month. Join the CAG Facebook group for updates.

2. Circulate our Candidate questionnaire to every candidate running for office.Click here.

Civil Rights Emergency?  +1.3857430298


All donations will filter through the Domino Foundation which is a 501c3. All donations will be split between the three chapters. This money will be used for police brutality victims, outreach programs, our black history museum, and any chapter needs 

For information on the Domino Foundation please contact. 801-414-7504 Curtis Linton. Type your paragraph here.

4. Click on the Join the Chapter tab on this website and agree to receive updates.

5. Register to vote. And then only vote for candidates who have a proven track record of helping black people. If they are a new candidate then have them fill out our form that will tell us how they plan to help black people if elected.