Yes WE know there is a problem with the Donation Link. The Domino Foundation is working to get it fixed. 


Every day I get emails saying "Where can I donate?"

For 4 years we typically have not accepted donations. If we needed money for something we would just throw up a gofundme page. But we did not want to accept donations.


Because we are not here to profit off of black death. Calling campaigns are free, petitions are free, registering inmates to vote is free, protests are free. But in June we had so many people calling and emailing that we decided to gather donations and split them between the three chapters. We stopped accepting them. The Northern Utah Chapter now has their own fiscal sponsor.

We also have a different fiscal sponsor who will accept donations. This sponsor offers support to the chapter and the black and brown communities. The Domino Foundation was started to help the families of adopted black children. Utah has the highest rate of Transracial adoptions in the US. White families adopt black children and they do not always know how to best raise them. The founders of the Domino Foundation created an org that helps with training, and support for these families. Black children in Utah need as much support as they can get.

When we opened our first summer camp for black children the majority of the families were from interracial adoptions. These families were so happy to have an inclusive space for their children and the children were so happy to look around and see a sea of black faces. It was beautiful.

We appreciate the help of the Domino Foundation. They also hire a black Santa every year and hold a party with black vendors, so that families can see black success and take pictures with a Black Santa Clause. I went last year and got to meet Miss Africa Utah. It was fun for my daughter.

I have enjoyed working with the Lintons They have been an amazing help to our chapter not just fiscally but mentally, and they always volunteer to help with initiatives. I love these people.

They help our chapter so much.

Here is the link thank you

"Curtis Linton is Vice President and co-owner of School Improvement Network. He has written multiple books about racial equity and education, including co-authoring the best-selling and award-winning book Courageous Conversation about Race. He works extensively both professionally and in the community to address inequities within public schools across the country. Curtis has worked with FSA for several years and co-founded with his wife, Melody, the Domino Foundation. He and Melody completed their family through transracial adoption and have two wonderful children, Dominic and Maya.

Melody Linton is a mother of two and a teacher of many. Prior to the Domino Foundation, Melody loved being a teacher of 8-12 year olds in downtown Los Angeles and supported teachers in their professional development at the School Improvement Network. She received her bachelor’s degree from BYU-Hawaii. Melody passionately enjoys exploring her children’s rich transracial heritage. In her life, Melody loves traveling and experiencing new adventures with her family and friends. She also loves reading, watching movies, playing tennis, doing Pilates, home decorating--and she especially loves her friendships!"

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