Frequently Asked Questions about Camp:

Are there RV hookups? Yes

Are there hot showers? Yes

Are there indoor bathrooms? Yes

If I have a white child and a black child, should I bring my white child also? We want to create an experience where black children can experience other black children. White children in Utah get to see white children every day. Black children rarely get to see each other and play together. We have allowed white children in the past. We also like to teach white children how to be allies.

How much is camp? It varies but we will not turn away ANY child because they can't pay for camp.

Are the cabins air conditioned? NO, and they are hot. Bring fans.

What should my child bring to camp? 4 Changes of clothes, a swim suit, sunscreen, bug spray, a water bottle, a towel, a pillow, a blanket, a warm sweatshirt for nights. If you have a life jacket bring one, supplies are limited and kids must share life jackets.

How many parents are allowed to attend with their children? We would prefer that one parent attend. The more people who attend, the more we have to pay for food. Food is extremely expensive for camp.

Where is the camp? It is in the mountains of Logan. We give the address out when it is time for camp.

How many days is camp? Camp is Friday, and Saturday, then we clean the camp and leave on Sunday morning.

Can I help a friend by bringing their child? Yes you can, however we need that parent to fill out a waiver, and we need to meet with both parents before camp.

What are the age ranges of the children who attend camp? 7- 17 years old.

What do you do at camp? We go swimming, boating, we do arts and crafts and STEM activities, we have field events, know your rights trainings, and black empowerment speeches to teach your kids that they are amazing and black is beautiful.

This is the picnic area by the fire pit

This is the lake

Take a Peek at camp! 

Basketball Court

Here is one of the cabins


The Gym