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Paul Ray authored a bill that is intended to stop people from creating democratically elected Civilian review boards. HB415.

This bill prevents municipalities from creating democratically elected community controlled civilian review boards that have the power to investigate police. There are civilian review boards in place currently and those review boards do not have any powers and also allow current police and former police to sit on the boards. It is a conflict of interest to allow police to sit on those boards. It is a conflict of interest to allow police to investigate themselves and find themselves innocent. This bill has been amended several times. Almost daily and it is clear that Paul Ray does not even know what he wants his bill to look like. This takes away power from Municipalities and takes the power away from the people. The board that orgs have been pushing for is the same board that they have in Chicago, and several other cities. The people against this bill would like police accountability and transparency and for police to be held at a higher standard.

Make sure that when you go to the polls, you vote Paul Ray out of office! Thank you.